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Questions and thoughts pop up every once in a while when shopping on the Internet. We are always interested in you opinions and thoughts so please tell us what you’re thinking. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) at Customer Support. Question categories are found in the left menu.

General Questions

Change of address

 I would like to register my company as a customer. What should I do?
Right now it isn’t possible technically possible to register your company as customer on our website. But if you’d like, we can make a manual change of your private account to a company account. First, create a regular private account. Then e-mail us your company name, address and organisation number to info@shopping4net.com and state the subject ”Change of customer account from Private to Company”.


 How do I claim compensation for a product?
If you receive a damaged item or the wrong item a claim must be put in within 7 days upon delivery. Shopping4net attends to errands of compensation free of charges. As a customer you are responsible of examining your items thoroughly, making sure nothing is wrong them.

When making a claim you use the pre-paid return label found on the back of your invoice. The items must be returned in their original packages and sent in a well wrapped parcel (by post office standards). Any transportation damage, due to bad wrapping, will be debited to you.

It is important that the return/compensation is done correctly, and if there are any questions you are welcome to contact our customer support. Read more about our terms of purchase…


 What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that a website you are visiting requests to save on your computer. Cookies are used on many websites to identify the visitor and give access to different functions. Cookie files will not damage your computer; they only consist of texts and cannot contain any viruses. The files hardly need any space and there are two types of cookies:

  • The first type saves a file for a longer period of time on your computer. It is used, for example, for monitoring how the visitor is using the website, in order to be able to offer better service to the visitor.
  • The other type of cookies is called sessions cookies. While you are surfing on a site, this cookie is temporarily stored on your computer’s memory, for example to keep track on which language you have chosen. Sessions cookies are not stored for a longer period of time on your computer; it is erased when you close your browser.
 How does Shopping4net use cookies?

Shopping4net uses cookies to make it easier for you when you visit the website, for instance when you log in to your account and to keep track on what is in your shopping cart. We never use cookies to store personal information.

In the settings on your computer you can indicate if you wish to accept cookies on your computer or not, but in order for our shopping system to work these files are necessary. You can at any time choose to remove any cookie files from your computer.


 How are my products packaged and delivered?
How an order is packaged depends on its size and weight. All our parcels are dispatched from Göteborg. Parcels weighing up to 2 kg are normally sent in durable and padded envelopes. These packages are classed as a-letters and are delivered to your mail box. Packages heavier than 2 kg are sent in cardboard boxes and are classed as trackable packages and are given special tracking numbers. These deliveries require that you either sign for them on delivery, or pick them up at the post office.
 How much is the shipping rate?
All orders have an additional shipping fee that depends on the weight and size of the parcel. The current shipping rates are £ 3 or £ 9 including tax. The shipping rate will be displayed in your trolley and the till. There are no additional costs besides shipping.
 My order status says that my orders have been dispatched, but I have not received my parcel. Can I trace my package in any way?
If you paid a shipping fee of £ 3 your parcel was sent as an a-letter. This offers the fastest possible delivery, but these parcels are not trackable. We recommend you to check with your local post office, to see if i4s there.

If you paid a shipping fee of £ 9 your package was sent as a trackable package. Contact our customer support and we’ll give you your tracking number.


 Will I be charged for anything besides shipping?
At shopping4net we don’t charge extra for handling. You will always be able to see your total, in red, in the upper right corner of our web site.

My Orders

 I am uncertain about the status of my order. How can I find out what it is?
Log in to your account and click on “My Profile”. Then click on “My Orders” and a list of your recent orders will be displayed. If the information you are looking for concerns older orders than the ones shown, you can search for them through the alternatives at the top of the page. Click on the desired order number and it will be shown. You will see when the order was placed, its status, and what method of payment you chose.
 What does the order status”ordered” mean?
This means that we have registered but not yet sent your placed order. If the item is in stock when you place your order, it will be sent before 2pm the same day. If the status is “ordered” for more than one day, it means that we have ordered from our suppliers and we will send it to you on the day we receive it.
 What does the status ”Error” mean?
On order with this status has not gone through our systems and will not be sent. The reason probably lays in an error that occurred when paying with a card.

Payment methods

 What methods of payment are there?
You can pay with VISA or MasterCard.
 I have chosen” card” as payment method? But I’m not transferred to any page where I can fill in my card details. What’s wrong?
This may happen if you are using a browser (like Safari or Firefox) that doesn’t support this function. Our advice is that you try a different browser or a different computer. If problems occur later on during the payment process, you should contact your bank to make sure everything is OK and that they allow for you to make purchases from our web site. If there still are problems, contact our customer support.


 Who pays for shipping if I need to return a product?
If intended to exchange a product that was either damaged, or wrongly delivered, Shopping4net pays for shipping. If returning an item for money back, the customer pays for shipping. Read more about returns at Shopping4nets’ terms of purchace…


 How do the terms of privacy work at Shopping4net?
At Shopping4net we work strictly under GDPR (General data protection regulation). According to law we must ask your permission to handle and save records about you in our database. By making a purchase through Shopping4net, you confirm your permission. All personal data, that you give us or that we take part of when you register or visit our site will be handled by Shopping4net according to the†Personal Data Ac4

We safeguard and respect your integrity and we guarantee that all personal information you give us will be handled confidentially. The information will be used with the purpose of completing our undertakings towards you as a customer, to run your credit and in marketing studies. You have the right to take part of all records on you. If they are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant you have the right to demand the information to be corrected or deleted.
 What security do I have when I use my card to make payments at Shopping4net?
All card payments made at Shopping4net are made through DIBS, one of Scandinavia’s leading companies in payment-systems for on-line stores as well as “physical” shops. DIBS collaborate with all of Scandinavia’s leading banks and merchant-account providers and meet all the latest certifications and security demands from merchant-account providers and credit card organizations

If you have chosen to make a credit card payment, and click the “place order” button at the till for Shopping4net, you will be redirected to DIBS own internet page. In the redirection you will receive a message (as long as you haven’t turned off this function on you computer) stating that you are being redirected to a safe page. A symbol of a lock will be displayed at the bottom of your browser.

All traffic at DIBS’s web site are encrypted according to the SSL-standard (Secure Socket Layer) This means that all the information (like your name and card number) that is sent between your computer and the web page, c


 What is Shopping4net?
Shopping4net is an on-line shopping portal, and works a lot like a shopping-mall. The biggest difference from a traditional shopping-mall, where every shop is its own, is that all departments at Shopping4net are integrated. Shopping4net is like a big department store where you put your items in one single trolley and pay at one single till. Shopping4net offer a large selection of products within a number of branches and through smart logistical solutions, personal commitments and innovative thinking we give you a cheap, safe and easy way to shop. Yo5ll save time and the inconvenience of going to town.

Through the flaps at the top of the page you will easily reach the different departments at Shopping4net. Every department at Shopping4net is specialised in its specific field. Our personnel are competent and will offer you personal service and excellent assistance.
 Are there any physical Shopping4net stores?
No, there aren’t.